My name is Megan, and I am a creator. Over, the years, I’ve channeled my curiosity and ambition into many outlets.

I am an innovator who uses words and images to influence others in inspiring, creative ways. Even before I knew how to write, I would scribble in journals for hours on end. Soon those scribbles refined, took shape, and became words. And those words took life, becoming poems, speeches, and stories that had the power to inspire others and incite meaningful change. You can check out some of my publications on my Writing page or on my blog that I update every month.

Being an ardent writer has opened up the doors, giving me opportunities like being a camp counselor for students in grades 2-8 these past two summers. This role has also fostered a genuine interest in helping children further their education and my community as a whole. Some of my other volunteer and service involvement includes being a member of the California Scholarship Federation. Through my work to improve the community, I hope to promote issues such as gender inequality and climate change, as well as to make changes in education and the environment.

My innate urge to innovate has also led me to pursue entrepreneurial endeavors. I am currently developing an app that will help to make the entire volunteering process more streamlined, secure, and efficient. In addition, I have goals to create a side business tutoring students as well as create a marketplace-style website in which I will sell students’ art prints with a charitable element to it.

Some of my other artistic interests include art, photography, and filmmaking.


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