In Times Past: What If

This week’s featured poem from my childhood is a major throwback to 2013. I remember that the idea came to me in a rather stereotypical manner-like a stroke of lightning. You could almost see the thought bubble hovering above me as I urgently scratched my pencil across paper, my fingers were racing to catch up to my thoughts.

The inspiration came from the “what ifs” that I often pondered about in life as well as the depression that I was going through at the time.

What if
I could take pain and suffering
and introduce them to peace and freedom

What if
I could teach people that they are overthinking
slowly shrinking
slowly sinking

What if
I could show you
to see you must open up your mind
To love you must open up your heart
And to live you must open up your soul

What if
I could rewrite our words and put war as a synonym for history
Instead of mystery
and misery

What if
I could go back in time and tell people not to waste our resources
But who would listen if they don’t listen right now?

What if
I could fix every heartbreak with a bandaid
Use an eraser for every bad grade

What if
Every bad thing in the world disappeared
Nothing feared
But nothing overcome and persevered


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