One Way Ticket Down Memory Lane

Photo Courtesy: The Odyssey Online

I am a person who delights in nostalgia. I romanticize and idealize the past. It is a suspended moment of time seeming to be filled with infinite possibility, wonder, and hope.

Recently, I happened upon some of the old poems I wrote when I was younger and I thought it would be fun to share here on my blog in a new series of posts I’ll call “The Wonder Years”. It seems like a fitting name as the show (which is a favorite of mine, btw) seems to mirror the same sentimental feel to it that I so relish.

Today, I’ll be sharing a poem I wrote in 6th grade entitled, “Open Your Eyes”. I was inspired to write this after being exposed to the horrific conditions of third world countries. I tried to summarize how I felt about the injustice of it and how entitled and oblivious those of us in America are.

You think you’ve got it bad
Look at those who’d rather die
Because it’s easier than living
With others
With themselves

Have you seen children,
As thin as the line we walk,
As delicate as our emotions

Covered with fleas and mosquitoes
Infested with malaria and malady

To the point where the only resemblance
Of a human
Is two dead eyes
Staring at you

Have you seen bloodless faces,
Void of emotion and life
Already dead in the inside

Have you been one of them
Death already a resident in your life

You think you’ve got it bad
Take a look
Open your eyes


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