Thought Bubble: Every Opportunity


Learn to take every opportunity as a good one.

This doesn’t mean you should go out and take risks that’ll endanger you for no reason, it just means that you should be more acceptant and open to the troubles and tribulations that you can’t control and stepping outside of your comfort zone more by challenging yourself.

Your identity isn’t about what you say you’ll do, could’ve done, and how successful you are. It’s about how you act in the face of failure. Do you let it hold you back, or do you let it be a learning experience for stepping forward?

Negativity, failures, and disappointment are just a part of life-and we can’t avoid them, though we may try. We simply have to learn to let things go, adapt, and accept the impermanence of our existence.

I remember how stubborn and set in my ways I used to be. When I believed in something, I had a hard time moving past it. I still struggle with this from time to time.

I was very affected by negativity, letting it be the dictator of my mood and outlook on life.

Needless to say, I was definitely not Ms. Sunshine. By bringing myself down, I was also bringing down those around me. Maybe subconsciously, but when I finally realized how unhealthy it was to be thinking this way, I started to do something about it.

I began to focus on what motivated and uplifted me, instead of all the antagonistic stimuli. I started to embrace all that comes with life, instead of complaining about how I wished it would be. This lead me to enact actual change in my life, instead of just being pessimistic without cause.

One of the best ways that I came to accept my surroundings was through creativity. Expressing my swirling thoughts in the form of poems, lyrics, art, and stories was the fragment of light that I could hold on to everyday and be grateful for.

So, yes there’ll be ups and downs, middle grounds, and a whole lot of confusion. But, I know that it is temporary and I am the one to choose how it affects me.


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