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I know this is outside of my usual posting schedule, but this is something I felt I had to give my thoughts on. I decided to write this post in response to something that happened mere minutes ago and has deeply upset me. A girl at my school was cyberbullied. An Instagram account was created under the name @dv_freshman_girls, that rated different girls at my high school based solely on their appearance. But what really spurred a reaction from my fellow classmates was when one girl’s photo was posted with the disgusting and degrading caption, “1/10 would never smash. 2 feet and 4 inches. And no body”.

Instantly, a backlash of (often expletive) comments flooded the post, in support of the victim as well as with their own choice words directed towards the owner of the account. The latter in question responded with incredibly rude, vulgar retorts.

I admit that I partook in the conversation as well, although I hoped that I remained more civil and less crude so as to avoid becoming a bully myself. Here is what I said:

“What is the legitimate purpose of this account? How do you think it’s even justifiable to judge someone else’s beauty in such a tactless, discriminating way? What makes you leveraging followers and likes at the expense of others acceptable? I honestly can’t fathom why someone would do this. You are objectifying women, and failing to recognize them as humans.”

“I can see you’re a big believer in double standards, doling out judgement but not taking it yourself.”

As I discussed with my friend over text during the incident, “It’s just crazy that someone has the audacity to say something so brazenly rude and misogynistic.”

This account is spreading the message that it is somehow admissible to leave such scathing remarks about girls’ bodies and appearances.

First of all, why is it that how much someone’s appearance conforms to societal standards solely defines one’s level of worth to you?

How do you feel like making lewd comments about a girl’s figure is proper behavior? By emphasizing her sexuality, or lack thereof in your eyes, you are treating her as an object. You are refusing to deny her as a human being who is allowed to step outside of your accepted norm and still be beautiful.

My thoughts are a furious hurricane right now, and I’m trying to collect them into something more coherent so that they don’t come spitting out so wildly.

Overall, I just find this completely inexcusable and it leaves me feeling infuriated and disappointed.

I just really can’t see what this person felt they could gain in doing this. It’s completely cruel in every way and just continues to perpetrate gender stereotypes.

The victim herself acknowledged the disparaging post as well on her own account:

“I’m actually 4 feet and 11 inches!! And no, im not just a floating head, I do have a body!! I hope that by putting me down for about ten minutes, it raised your self confidence and happiness! I love myself, and I’m proud of who I am, and I definitely dont have to go back to becoming a middle schooler and hide behind screen to think better of myself. But if that makes you feel better about yourself, you do you!”

A little over an hour after the post was published, my school’s official Instagram account reacted:

“This account has been reported to Instagram and SRPD. Legal action will be taken if it is not removed within 24 hours. Individuals who follow this account may also be held accountable for its content. Unfollow and report immediately. This type of harassment in unacceptable and will not be taken lightly.”

“Thank you all for standing up for what is right. No need to comment further”


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