Thought Bubble: Falling Into Autumn


As the weather turns cool, and the leaves turn rich, my world becomes quiet.serene.contemplative. Now is the time of melancholy, where I reflect and reminiscence in the moments of the past year, while preparing for the following to come. My mood mirrors that of the elements that so characterize this season; calm and reserved in demeanor with a crisp air about it.

Autumn is my favorite season, it is a time of serenity where I feel most in my place. Where there is a stillness about it, as if we can take things step by step for a change, not always in a rush.

And the colors are beautiful, nature painting the treetops lush colors of ruby red, toasted brown, spiced orange, and vibrant yellows. They stand out streaked across the grayed backdrop.

While summer may be full of carefree laughter and play, fall is the time of truly finding myself. At summer’s end, I’m already welcoming in a new breath.


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